above all things, I believe in love

*formerly hibiscusred!

anabee! 22 years young ; fil-chi ; isko ng bayan! blogs about fandom and shipping and feelings and the occasional personal life post... but mostly fandom. also sometimes I draw stuff!

I like comics and cartoons and disney and video games and manga and anime and reading books and listening to music and kittens and painting my nails.

current fandoms: all them x-men (comics, movies, cartoons); disney everything (frozen, wreck-it ralph, et al); the avengers (sometimes); gravity falls; firefly; avatar: the last airbender/the legend of korra; adventure time; tales of (symphonia, the abyss); community; atbp!

this is not a quality blog! scroll back and browse before you decide on following. ♥

oh ron/hermione you’ll always be perfect to me 

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