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anabee! 22 years young ; fil-chi ; isko ng bayan! blogs about fandom and shipping and feelings and the occasional personal life post... but mostly fandom. also sometimes I draw stuff!

I like comics and cartoons and disney and video games and manga and anime and reading books and listening to music and kittens and painting my nails.

current fandoms: all them x-men (comics, movies, cartoons); disney everything (frozen, wreck-it ralph, et al); the avengers (sometimes); gravity falls; firefly; avatar: the last airbender/the legend of korra; adventure time; tales of (symphonia, the abyss); community; atbp!

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basically my gauge for how much u deserve ororo’s romantic affections goes like this:

  • do you look at her and gasp about how powerful and amazing she is
  • would you give up everything to be with her because she’s so amazing to you
  • do you respect her power
  • do you respect her

and people who are on this list include:

  • doom
  • thor
  • loki
  • namor
  • kurt
  • yukio
  • callisto
  • betsy
  • a lot of villains actually
  • i want amalgam universe back because everyone fell in love with amazon ororo and she took down fuckin poseidon




AKA things I am really sick of. 

The breakup with Forge was really quite ridiculous. Couldn’t he have just waited for a while more?

And the annulment with T’challa. That was just plain disrespectful to her. Like, this woman was your wife after all. She served as your people’s queen and always had to choose between you and her family. And what would you have had her do anyways? Kill Namor? 

And Logan is an ass (this one’s established), and his attitude is pathetic. 

All of these guys are selfish. An inordinate amounts of selfish.

It’s either them or the highway. 

What I find funny is Ororo has always been treated with higher regard by villains. Dr. Doom being a prime example. 

It’s almost like the writers don’t believe that she can handle a relationship/have it all. Which is bunk. They need to stop pairing her off with these fuckboys. 

leans into frame, did i hear dr doom/ororo

not to mention namor/ororo [this is even leaving out the fact that in AoX where that was a canon marriage and they were only shown in 1 panel, there was more character development in that one fucking panel that showed a mutually respectful and loving relationship [she gives up being a goddess to be his queen, he gives up atlantis to help her save her people] than these entire comic arcs oh my god just shoot me in the fucking face

also i feel u on the kuroro front, they danced in the moonlight and he said it felt natural to be w/her and i just

stares bitterly into the middle distance

thororo master race though

whether it’s happily married husband and wife duo ruling over an AU where storm is appropriately overall ruler

or cutely dating thunder god/goddess where really the only thing thor had to save her from was a boring UN meeting, and also he’s smooth as fuck:


if you’re ever bored just imagine your otp being obsessed with masterchef and watching the finale together


Tinkerbell: Secret of the Wings

“Long ago, when Pixie Hollow was very young, two fairies met and fell in love. One of them was a winter fairy, and the other was from the warm seasons. The two fairies were enchanted with each other, and every sunset they met at the border, where spring touches winter. But as their love grew stronger, they wished to be together, and share each others worlds. So they disregarded the danger and crossed, one of them broke a wing - for which there is no cure.”


*tips muppet* m’namana


"It was very important to give this to Mako and to have her say "for my family", but it’s not only the family that she lost in that memory. I made the conscious decision not to show the family destroyed in the memory because all the family that she’s formed now, the russians that died, the chinese that died is her family, the human family that we see slaughtered in the movie everytime a Kaiju appears." -Guillermo del Toro, Pacific Rim Director’s Commentary


Having very serious conversations about fictional universes is one of my favorite things to do.


The new X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer makes the film look like a total sausage fest. It features lots of gruff bros giving each other attitude, and “good friends” socking each other in the face. The one woman who gets a speaking line gets called a bitch. It’s disappointing. The X-Men have the best female characters in comics, and several are being played by Oscar-winners. I hope the actual film does better by them. 


Remember how Teen Titans had a lesson about Racism without blatantly bringing Cyborg’s Race into it?

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